The Secret Product Manager Handbook

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What you'll find:

• A powerful framework for thinking about product management – and even for talking to your Mom about what you do. The framework provides an infrastructure for most of .

• A concrete and explicit explanation of why product management is so important for businesses, including a calculation of the true business value of product management.

• Specific techniques and practices for transforming your product management career:

• How to find and validate market problems, unrealized opportunities, and unsatisfied desires.

• How to prioritize.

• Great tools for working with developers, for presenting roadmaps to stakeholders, for working with Marketing and Sales, and many more.

Throughout, I provide tools and techniques for breaking down mental barriers, for transforming your thinking and decision making, and for managing your cognitive resources effectively.

What people are saying

"The intro is one of the clearest and smartest explanations of the value a product manager should be bringing to the table I've ever read." Luca Candela, VP Product Management

"The Secret Product Manager Handbook will be helpful to a lot of folks, especially newer product managers. It’s full of useful references, frameworks and advice on HOW to do product management." Chuck Blevins, Senior Product Manager.

There will be goodies

There will be bonuses ranging from a series of companion videos, booklets, checklists, templates, and even a membership option.

I'm still working on the full list, but you can count on some good stuff.

Note on formats

Despite the beautiful 3d mockup above, only comes as an ebook. Your choice of PDF, MOBI (for Kindle app and readers), and EPUB (most other readers). If you select PDF, you'll get an email with a download link, usually in a few minutes or less. For MOBI and EPUB you can download immediately.

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The Secret Product Manager Handbook

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